From Gravity-Defying Bowls to Wooden Cocktail Cups

 - Sep 27, 2015
Placemats that serve as dinnerware, redesigned Sporks and appliances that are designed to work extremely fast are examples of the top September 2015 kitchen ideas pushing for extreme efficiency.

Innovations like the Clever Kebab, heated ice cream scoops and butter knives, as well as folding kitchen counters are making it possible to speed up processes in the kitchen. By improving on previous designs, kitchen storage and appliances are getting smarter as well as more capable at handling simple tasks.

Naturally, there are also a few examples that diverge from this desire for everything fast-paced. A fine example of this is the 'Theo Coffee Maker' by Stelton, which is specifically designed to produce slow brew coffee. As rushed as today's busy consumers are, there are many who can appreciate that good food and drinks often take time to make.