This Food Scale is Designed to Weigh Food Based on Water Displacement

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: yankodesign
Designer Hyosang Pak created a water-based food scale that is shaped like a heat therapy water pad. Using the same design concept, this lightweight food scale is filled with water. When it is plump and full the user can place fruits, vegetables, meats and any other edible product on its surface to gauge the weight.

The Sinking Scale will then determine the weight of each product based on the displacement of the object with respect to the water. A direct and easy-to-read weight will be displayed at the bottom of the scale. For example if a tomato is placed on the scale, the reading might display "200 g" to represent the object weighing 200 grams.

The Sinking Scale is conveniently stored in any area by dumping the water and folding up the product. Its lightweight and durable qualities make it the perfect kitchen aid that can also be used during camping and outdoor Adventists.