From Sleek Samurai Editorials to Combat-Themed Captures

 - Aug 9, 2013
There's something very alluring and attractive about ninja warriors, and these samurai-inspired styles are showcasing that strength and power through combat is heavily influencing aspects of mainstream fashion.

Samurai warriors are often associated with fighters that are amazingly skilled in sword battle and combat. Combined with their often striking exterior appearances that often features sleek black ensembles with rugged and tough accents, samurais have become elements of history and film that people simply can't help but want to replicate in real life. From subdued samurai photoshoots featuring traditional Asian clothing to modern hipster spreads that combine samurai influences with contemporary clothing, these ninja-inspired looks will definitely be a powerful addiction to any ordinary wardrobe.

A great way to add some tough, combat appearances to your overall look, these samurai-inspired styles will definitely have you feeling like a ninja warrior in no time.