Shoes that Ray Allen can Wear as He Makes Basketball History

 - Feb 10, 2011   Updated: Jun 22 2011
Ray Allen, a Celtic's basketball player known for his amazing three-point shooting skills, is only two more shots away from breaking the all-time NBA three-point record.

Inspired by this record-breaking opportunity, here's a top list of awesome b-ball shoes that Ray Allen could be wearing as he attempts to shoot some hoops. The current all-time record belongs to Reggie Miller, who had 2,560 three-point goals during his career.

Implications - The culture and style that is associated with certain sports is as important to fans and participators as the sport itself. For athletes and fans, these styles are a chance to express onself within the realm of the sport. In basketball, the variety of shoe styles available each say something about the kind of athlete the consumer wishes to be.