From Whited-Out Hairdos to Face Distorting Portraits

 - Mar 14, 2012
Models are traditionally thought of as beautiful, glamorous people; but in these ugly-pretty photo shoots, imperfection is embraced and enhanced rather than hidden.

While editorial spreads tend to feature models that are alluring and flawless, these captures are taking the opposite approach and getting as gross and gritty as possible.

Despite that fashion conventions often allow for the adoption of flamboyant and envelope-pushing styling in their campaigns—the models tend to still look beautiful. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to see intentionally aged models, out of control hair and other treatments that exude abnormality, and in some
cases—extreme abnormality. Other modifications are also made to the models to distort either their faces or their bodies and to make them appear on film as non-traditional definitions of high-fashion and beauty.  

The subjects of these campaigns are styled to look striking, yet dark and jarring at the same time. Over-the-top makeup and photo techniques make these ugly-pretty photo shoots a unique take on conventional fashion editorial campaigns.