Photographer Jean-Francois Lepage Manufactures Sadness

 - Nov 7, 2010   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: whitezine & designyoutrust
Photographer Jean-Francois Lepage has a rare gift; he has the uncanny ability to take something beautiful, make it ugly and still end up with a beautiful image.

This selection of photos shows models wearing beautiful clothing in beautiful locations, yet in each image there is something off -- something done deliberately by photographer Jean-Francois Lepage to make the image sadder while retaining its beauty.

Implications - A simple way for a company or business to appeal to a wider audience is by incorporating aspects that can generate a variety of emotions amongst its consumers. A consumer is much more likely to invest in a product or service to which they feel an emotional or personal connection. Businesses can achieve such reactions by incorporating highly emotive, shocking or ironic qualities into their products.