From Majestic Fairytale Fashion to Punk Monarchical Variations

 - Jul 12, 2012
Varying from the prim and proper cliche of nobility, this update to pretty princess pictorials brings monarchical to the next level. 

The notion of excess that comes with aristocracy allows for playfulness in fashion editorials and design. From flowing luxurious silks to headpieces that sparkle with jewels, fashion comes alive with imaginative exuberance.

Inventive professionals of design and print have taken it one step further by toying with extravagant variations of monarchical role play. This is achieved through divergence from the classic played-out version of princess to create new genres of aristocratic fashion. Royalty is enhanced with distinguishing attributes from various cultures and sub-cultures to result in modern twists to regal lavishness.

From Grecian gowns to punk fairytale looks, it is evident that fashion is curtsying to the monarchical opulence that continues to reign supreme.