From Bars and Clubs to Campgrounds and Toilet Goblins

 - Sep 22, 2009   Updated: Aug 18 2011
Back when I was a child and sometimes forced to read, I didn't mind much because I always went straight for the pop-up book. Things that pop up are just generally more exciting then the boring 2-dimensional world.

These pop-up innovations vary from exquisite architecture, to fun illustrations and plasma TVs. They won't jump out of the screen at you but these 45 pop-up innovations will help prevent your world from going flat.

Implications - In today's society, convenience and speed are two qualities to which a large number of consumers appeal. Businesses that devote their efforts to providing their clients with fast-paced services without having to sacrificing quality will likely fare well amongst today's convenience-hungry culture. Consumers will likely invest in those products that best suit their busy lifestyles.