Baro-Iro Boutique Promos the Shibuya Center-Gai McDonald's

 - Jun 21, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: & cscoutjapan
The Baro-Iro (rose color) t-shirt shop popped up at the Shibuya Center-Gai McDonald's from June 11 to June 16. The second floor of the building was completely turned into a t-shirt wonderland.

The McDonald's pop-up t-shirt shop sold limited-edition rose-colored shirts in 50 different colors for about $10 apiece. Check out some of McDonald's other viral campaigns below.

Implications - The surprise factor of certain products or services is usually what makes the merchandise being sold that much more yearned for. In the case of pop-up shops, businesses are looking to give consumers both a surprise and a limited time to exclusively shop at a specific location, making their brand that much more sought after. This will definitely make the products they are selling more appealing to their brand-loyal customers around the world.