- Oct 24, 2008
Digital airbrushing, often just described with the brand name Photoshop, has limitless options for advertising companies, the media or for the personal home user.

On Trend Hunter, we have been astounded at the popularity of articles containing obviously Photoshopped images. We have featured everything from celebrities put on photoshop diets (both to fatten them up and make them rib-showingly skinny) to contests that integrate Olympic athletes or challenges to make Megan Fox ugly. It seems no celebrity has been exempt; we've seen Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Faith Hill; Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie were made old and, also fitting under this heading, Sarah Palin was left unphotoshopped on the cover of Newsweek.

The slideshow below highlights the best of photoshop. However this makes you feel, whether you get a twang of schadenfreude, or it stimulates your own creativity to have fun with Photoshop, it should remind us physical perfection is objective, and we can't take appearances too seriously.

To see more on what can be done with digital image manipulation, check out this article to scratch your photoshop itch.

39 Examples Of Extreme Photoshopped Celebrities: