From Missing BellyButtons to Giant Heads

 - Jul 25, 2008
References: photoshopdisasters.blogspot
Using Photoshop to enhance the images of celebrities and models in magazines and ads is a forgone conclusion. I do not think that a magazine has had an untouched image on its cover for ages. However, with the advances we’ve had in image processing and the relative ease of use of such programs, it is astonishing to see images that are disastrously photo-shopped being used on the cover of high profile magazines, and even in the newest ads for the Chanel bags.

I mean, an amateur site or magazine using such images is one thing, but for a well-established magazine or fashion brand name with a multi-million budget to use something done so badly is just unfathomable.

Hit the gallery below for 10 examples of recent disastrous photoshop that went way beyond the call of duty. Then make sure to check out 4 more images in our previous feature.