34 Ways To Scratch Your Photoshop Itch

 - Sep 15, 2008
Whether you’ve never posted or printed an unaltered digital photo of yourself or you’re just a big fan of artistic photography, chances are you’ve heard of Adobe Photoshop.

This powerful image-editing program has forever changed the way in which our photos act as storytellers. Colloquially, Photoshop is both a proper noun and a verb. Websites like Worth1000.com hold Photoshop contests, in which participants are asked to retouch photos along a theme. And even home users have discovered the power of Photoshop to magically make stretch marks, cellulite, red-eye glare, skin blemishes, and sweat stains magically disappear.

Here at Trend Hunter, we’re also obsessed with Photoshop. Take a look at the innovative ways Photoshop has pervaded into pop culture, natural disasters and even hard news.