Flooded Grand Canyon

 - Aug 20, 2008
References: photoshoptalent
These photoshopped images of the Grand Canyon were created by several users who entered them into a photoshop contest.

Making this feature particularly timely is the inclusion of the images of the flooded Grand Canyon. One shows a stream, complete with fish, appearing to gush through the infamous orange rock structure.

Although we tend to generalize by saying "Photoshop," digital image manipulation is a wonderful tool.

It lets dreamers create "photographs," like these of the Grand Canyon, created entirely by their imaginations, taking the concepts from their minds to the screen to share with others.

The PhotoshopTalent.com site challenged people to manipulate a particular photo of the Grand Canyon. As you can see, the results are very diverse.

The second set of images is from another PhotoShopTalent contest for a pyramid.

Lastly, the other images are from freakingnews.com and are spoofs on the "New Seven World Wonders.