Adobe Photoshop Express

 - Mar 27, 2008
References: photoshop & gizmodo
Photoshop Express was launched in a "beta" test version is said to be easier to learn than the full blown version of Photoshop that is aimed at professionals. They must have realized that if they don't offer their programs for free, people will go elsewhere for photo editing software, like FotoFlexer.

Photoshop Express usage requires registration, but you get 2GB of storage (taking on Flickr?) and it syncs up with Facebook, MySpace and Picasa. All the other online photo editors will need to step up now that the mother of them all has stepped in.

"Targeted at everyday consumers, it's Photoshop stripped down to a pretty slick Flash 9-powered web app we got a demo of earlier today," Gizmodo explains. 'It's super easy to crop, adjust saturation or exposure, or perform several other simple, but solid photo tweaks, like pop color (pictured). You won't be doing any heavy lifting with it, since you can't work with layers, add text or do anything really awesome, like amazing Giz-style comic bubbles, but your mom will be able to make her pictures look better than ever."

Guess we won't need this anymore...