From Nerdy Astrological Signs to Sarcastic Hipster Personas

 - Dec 23, 2012
It's amusing to find out what random things can tell people about their personalities like underwear and refrigerator contents in these personality predicting infographics.

Some of these things are easily dismissed as habits or common things that everyone has, which is why some people don't consider these indicators of their personalities. Anything from underwear color to desired fonts can reveal what type of hipster one is or even whether they are the office lounger or go-getter. While these stereotypes don't reveal everything about each person's personas, it's fun to see how something as simple as social media avatar choices and the types of t-shirts people decide to wear can influence how they are perceived by a third party. For better or for worse, the personality predicting infographics may be able to help some update their wardrobes and even Twitter pictures.