The Fridge Infographic Reveals Your Personality Based on Food

 - Jun 18, 2012
References: bite
This fridge infographic shows the type of lifestyles based on the contents within one’s refrigerator.

Most people have rummaged through a friend’s refrigerator and to their surprise, it’s always filled with food or looking like a lonely fridge that only contains a jar of ketchup. Sad, but that’s how some people live day to day. has created this infographic entitled ‘What the Contents in Your Fridge Say About You’ and it comically illustrates the different types of lifestyles ranging from ‘Jar Head’ to ‘The Neighborhood Kid.’

There’s always someone you know whose fridge is filled with bottles of hot sauces and they’re known as the ‘Bad Ass.’ The ‘Neighborhood Kid’ lifestyle is the one with Cola, Sunny D and no food; they’ve also been classified as the ones whose parents are never around. This fridge infographic is an illustration that pokes fun and shows what type of person you are.