The Hipster Ipsum Provides Artisanal Filler Text

 - Aug 17, 2011
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The Hipster Ipsum is a filler text generator for your next design project or site. What it does is instantly provide 'artisinal' filler text. Don't expect to get lengthy paragraphs or even something that is remotely readable.

The Hipster Ipsum program spits back words that have been popularized by the hipster community. Examples of this might include "Tumblr, mixtape, organic, tofu, letterpress, and American Apparel." This filler program contains all of the popular stereotypes that come with the hipster culture. As long as you approach this site with a good attitude and know not to get offended, this site makes for a good laugh. The strangest generated paragraph I got contained the whole cast of Star Trek: the Original Series. Remember to have fun and be sure to use the Ipsum if you run a blog.