Which of These Faces of Facebook Fans Are You?

 - Nov 17, 2012
References: soapcreative & slideshare.net
A digital creative agency from Australia, Soap, decided to illustrate the various Faces of Facebook Fans and provide little annotations about them. They presented their findings in a hilariously compiled slideshow displaying 36 different graphics. Scrolling through the images, you might even recognize some of the archetypal characters as people you have befriended on your profile page.

Though the descriptions are somewhat over-exaggerated, they do bare a lot of truth. There are a lot of people who can testify that they've experienced the "hater" illustration. They are the ones who are very hard to please and lace their compliments in harsh vulgar tones until it's no longer complimentary. Maybe there are more of the "eager photo subjects" on your page, who bug you to upload the pictures from last night until you want to smash your computer.

Out of all these hilarious illustrations the question remains, which of the Faces of Facebook Fans are you?