The 'Social Media Superheroes' Infograph is Determinative

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: blog.ubervu &
The 'Social Media Superheroes' separates different online personalities by strengths in superhero terms. Creating these fantastic personality sets allows users to see what they offer to online communities and where their strengths lie therein and who their sidekick should be, depending on their weaknesses.

The Data Junkie Gadgeteer, for instance, is able to consolidate information to "see the general principle behind sets of occurrences." Meanwhile, the Digital Strategist Sleuth's power lies in the identification of "behavioral patterns." The Social Evangelist Energizer gets people revved up for a cause or idea. Finally, the Online Ambassador Vigilante is the communicator that is responsible for mass information spreading.

Together, these personality types form the perfect online superhero. Figure out which online personality you best encompass and you can see what considerations you should keep in mind to work on.