A Silly but Insightful Field Guide to Social Media Avatars

 - Sep 4, 2011
References: joyoftech & allthingsd
A picture is worth a thousand words, and perfect strangers can tell quite a lot about you based on the a simple examination of your profile photo. This Field Guide to Social Media Avatars helps to decipher the identity behind the image with a breakdown of 20 different sorts of snapshots and personality types.

The most notable are the Egghead and Mr. Default which apparently indicate a laziness, an online obliviousness or perhaps a total lack of character. Nitrozac & Snaggy from The Joy of Tech have also dissected the popular "part of a couple" pic, the pet pic and the baby as demonstrations of domestic obsession. The Field Guide to Social Media Avatars is an insightful tool that speaks a bit of truth in terms of friends’ Facebook and Twitter pictures and the real people behind them. Have a look and see which category you satisfy.