The Graph Conducts Food and Wine Pairings Based on Swag Instead of Meals

 - Dec 18, 2012
References: winefolly
Food and wine pairings mostly revolve around what the person is having for dinner but the 'How to Choose a Bottle of Wine' flow chart focuses more on personality and swag than anything else.

After first deciding who this bottle is intended for, the flow chart directs the user to the correct bottle by asking a few personal questions such as how the user met the wine drinker and what meal this drink will be served with for food and wine pairings. A few of the stranger questions are whether the drinker used to eat dirt as a child, if they like Kool-Aid, spray butter in their mouths and if they're into cults. While all of these seem like trivial and ambiguous questions, the flow chart will condemn users for having a regular life and eventually, get booted from the alcoholic maze.