From Christmas Champagne Ciders to DIY Candy Cane Shooters

 - Dec 26, 2014
If you are planning on ringing in 2015 with some festive alcoholic libations, these New Year's Eve cocktails offer a range of excellent choices.

Rather than uncorking an unremarkable bottle (or several) of champagne, you can incorporate the celebratory bubbly beverage into a mixed drink or even an edible format. Champagne ice pops put a cool spin on tradition, as do champagne ice creams and golden confetti desserts.

New Year's Eve cocktails should also include seasonal ingredients, whether you are continuing with Christmassy flavors or winter elements. For example, pomegranate Christmas cocktails, boozy ginger cocktails and boozy cider nogs are all great options.

Healthy picks aren't as rare as you might think, as proven by the popularity of vegan seasonal beverages and autumnal kombucha sangria.