From Repurposed Garment Leggings to Bespoke Triathlon Gear

 - Jan 14, 2016
These performancewear fabric innovations range from repurposed garment leggings to bespoke triathlon suits that are made to order using a light-weight and flexible neoprene. In addition to leggings and yoga pants that offer muscular support while helping wearers with their overall posture, other standouts include winter parkas that are cruelty-free and made with upcycled fabrics.

While examples like Mammoth Outerwear's high-performance parka range features vegan-friendly materials, Ecoalf's wind-resistant outerwear is created out of recycled plastic bottles that are transformed into a versatile material.

Furthermore, performancewear fabric innovations like detoxifying organic bras repel moisture for a sweat-free workout while yoga nursing bras are specially designed for new mothers. The latter is ideal for consumers who are seeking workout apparel that is both comfortable and convenient.