From Baked Clam Pizza to Egg Roll-Crusted Pies

 - Jun 20, 2013
Fast food lovers looking to get a bit more experimental with their dishes will definitely want to check out these peculiar pizza recipes, which showcases how this classic snack food item has been revamped and transformed into all sorts of new and exciting creations.

Pizza is one of those classic fast food items that people all around the globe seem to enjoy. The combination of delectable pasta space, range of toppings and crispy crust makes this dish a simple yet delectable item to eat all-year-round. These peculiar pizza recipes however, are changing up how this fast food item is normally served, by using more eclectic and unusual toppings and utilizing other forms besides the classic spherical shape.

From DIY pancake pizzas to cheesy veggie tarts, these peculiar pizza recipes are offering people a whole new way to eat this classic fast food item.