From Oversized Chic Runways to Robed Bohemian Runways

 - Feb 27, 2013
With the demand for luxury goods reaching all-time highs, it's surprising to see that oversized fashion trends are on the rise. Usually, high fashion is associated with pin-sharp tailoring and clean lines, but many designers are taking a turn for the baggy with clothing that is at least two sizes too big.

What's coming about with the oversized fashions hitting the runway is that those who wouldn't be able to otherwise find a size from their favorite designers can now embrace the baggy and feel comfy. Additionally, girls who would traditionally never leave the house except in skinny jeans are donning laid-back looks with Harem-style pants and slouchy boyfriend jeans.

Oversized fashion might, at first glance, see a little sloppy, but once you peruse the collections you'll see that everyone in the industry is embracing the trend.