The Denise Huxtable Style Tumblr Captures the Looks of the '80s

Those who watched The Cosby Show and fell in love with the many looks of Denise Huxtable won't be able to resist the Denise Huxtable Style blog.

The blog is a catalogue of Denise's many different ensembles throughout the show's seasons. Capturing the style of the '80s, Denise Huxtable definitely knew how to have fun with fashion. From red oversized blazers to pink sweater dresses, her character showcased the best of the decades fun experimentation with fashion.

Check out the Denise Huxtable Style blog to relive the days of the Cosby's and for some retro inspiration to spice up your wardrobe.

Implications - Adults in modern society look for ways to relive past moments. Designers could focus on instilling a sense of nostalgia in their products in order to increase sales.