From Artist-Inspired Metro Passes to Urban Consumer SUVs

 - Nov 25, 2017
The top November 2017 commuting ideas explore a number of ways in which the transportation experience may become safer, seamless, and more efficient for all parties involved -- with new ideas that reinvent fare payment, crowdsourced bus routes and redesigned crosswalks for improved safety.

Although New York's MetroCards are soon to be phased out, the Metropolitan Transit Authority recently collaborated on an artful keepsake collection of limited-edition cards designed by artist Barbara Kruger. Transit authorities around the world are also experimenting with fare payment rings and facial recognition subway gates.

As a means of enhancing both pedestrian and driver safety, some cities are implementing redesigned crosswalks that offer visual trickery and moving components to encourage drivers to be more alert to their surroundings and people who wish to cross the road.