Thailand's uberASSIST is for People With Disabilities

 - Oct 23, 2017
References: tech.thaivisa
Uber and other ridesharing services have become ubiquitous in most cities around the world, and with Thailand's uberASSIST, those services stand to become equally as ubiquitous for people of all abilities. The new service, which has been released by Uber Thailand, allows people with disabilities to order specially equipped vehicles that can handle the needs of people with mobility problems or wheelchairs.

uberASSIST is effectively the same as standard uberX, though the company advises that those using the service should expect longer wait times for vehicles (since the uberASSIST fleet is much smaller). However, the prices for fares will be the same as uberX, meaning that those with disabilities can expect to travel around Bangkok — the first city in which uberASSIST is being released — with as much convenience and ease as anyone else.