These Products Pay Tribute to National Running Day 2013

 - Jun 5, 2013
National Running Day 2013 has arrived, bringing with it millions of rejoicing runners. This informal holiday celebrates the joys and benefits of regular exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. These 100 chic running accessories show off the most luxurious and technologically advanced products that the running industry has to offer. They're perfect for both avid runners and those looking to get started with a few light jogs.

For eco-conscious runners the recyclable barefoot trainers are perfect. They're both eco-friendly and freeing as they let runners train in their bare feet. The ballerina-esque sneakers are great for runners who want to incorporate a bit of dance into their workout routines.

These wild and funky running shoes and accessories demonstrate perfectly the wide range of options offered by the workout market. With all this fun workout gear, you'll never be able to avoid working out again.