The Christian Louboutin Snakeskin Sneakers Slither into S/S 2013

The Christian Louboutin snakeskin sneaker series is a part of the designer's spring/summer 2013 collection for men. Louboutin is really hitting the ground running with his men's footwear designs. Louboutin has had massive success with his female collections and the men's lines are soon to follow suit.

The latest debut by Louboutin is inspired by the year of the snake. The textured sneakers feature a fierce snakeskin pattern on each pair. There is a wild multicolor patterned version, sleek metallic pairs and classic monochromatic alternatives. These luxury high tops aren't for the faint of heart and will leave a dent in your wallet.

The Christian Louboutin snakeskin sneaker collection for men is sleek and slithering into spring/summer.