The PT-1000 Running Shoe by UK Gear is Guaranteed to Last for 1,000 Miles.

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: ukgear & gearjunkie
England-based footwear company UK Gear specializes in top of the line shoes for running and training purposes. Its latest model will excite serious runners as it promises to deliver results.

The PT-1000 Running Shoe is a runner's dream. For most running enthusiasts, the most they can get out of their shoes is about four months of use. The PT-1000 by UK Gear is rated at a whopping 1,000 miles. That is some serious endurance than runners will surely be glad to have on their shoes. The shoes are comfortable for almost all soft and hard terrains and their durable structure definitely makes them top of the line.

For those runners tired of buying up to four pairs of running shoes a year, these runners from UK Gear may just be your money-saving solution.