The Pebble Workapp Puts a Gym Personal Trainer Onto Your Wrist

 - May 28, 2013
References: developer.getpebble & techcrunch
For anyone who enjoys exercising alone, the Pebble Watchapp is a nifty and helpful piece of technology. Working in conjunction with Pebble's 'E-Paper' wrist watch, the Watchapp is pre-programmed with an instructional seven-minute workout right on your wrist.

The Pebble Watchapp is ingeniously convenient and useful to anyone who wants to start working out, but doesn't necessarily know what exercises to do and for how long. The Watchapp comes with a seven-minute workout that features 12 different exercises that can be repeated as many times as needed. The Watchapp vibrates to alerts you to switch exercises and between each exercise is a nice ten-second rest. This is extremely suitable for any workout because you don't have to keep looking at your watch to see how long you have left in the exercise round, when the exercise is over or when you should stop.

A great app that simulates having a personal trainer right there with you during your workout, the Watchapp also is available for any iPhone or Android.