From Kim Kardashian's Activism to Pro-Fur Fashion Mags

 - Jan 30, 2009
Is fur unethical? While celebs like Kim Kardashian express their love of furs, others like Pamela Anderson back organizations like PETA to get the word out. Through this type of media, everyone has been made aware of the great fur debate.

Some people debate there is nothing wrong with wearing fur, that people have worn animal skins since the dawn of civilization. Others argue that we now have the technology to create synthetic fur, or use other more sustainable, cruelty-free material to stay warm.

Campaigns abound that make fur look horrific, but do they work? Kim Kardashian, a big time fur lover, finally committed to going fur-free after her sister stripped down for PETA. But is the real intention to generate publicity for themselves, or is it really about the animals?

This cluster examines a few of the different campaigns and views we’ve seen on fur, from fashion spreads that promote them, to campaigns against wearing animals.