From Tiny Village Dioramas to Wee Knitted Creations

 - Apr 12, 2009   Updated: Apr 19 2011
Miniature worlds are among the most fun to get lost in, and the tiny creations showcased in the slideshow below should provide a heavy dose of micro-sized innovation.

There are subverted miniature dioramas that depict unusual and provocative scenes, wee gadgets, miniaturized jewelry and traditional art pieces, dollhouses galore, and even tiny edibles.

Implications - Mini figurines and small versions of the real world are fascinating because they add a fantastical element to daily life. Though what an audience is essentially looking at is a smaller version of the world around them, the mini world still remains to be more fun and fantastical. Perhaps it is vanity that attracts consumers to other versions of themselves and their surroundings.