Leanne Eisen's 'Play' Portrays Prostitutes as Homemakers

 - Feb 5, 2009
References: leanneeisen
Artist Leanne Eisen believes that the games we play as children are rehearsals for the roles we play in life, and she feels that traditional toys for little girls nurture homemaker stereotypes, simulating traditional domestic roles through play.

In these photographs, Eisen explores the possibility of the same staging taking place within the prolific, yet publicly hidden occupation of prostitution.

Projecting representations of the sex industry onto the medium of the conventional child's doll house, Eisen creates scenes in miniature form, creating constructed spaces that can be peered-into and examined.

"As polar opposites, the homemaker and the sex worker are highly constructed and restrictive roles, the most deeply-rooted myths of the feminine," says Eisen.