Strange Spins on the Traditional Toy Home make for Freaky Collectibles

 - Nov 25, 2010   Updated: Jun 1 2011
Doll houses have been a holiday gift favorite for centuries. With their life-like miniature furniture and appliances, doll houses are fun for the whole family -- from children to adult collectors.

This old-time toy treat gets a makeover in the following collection of deranged doll houses. From toy homes made of dust to printed LEGO houses, here are some freaky toy home finds.

Implications - Many products have retained their popularity for hundreds of years because of their ability to improve or alter their products to better suit modern consumers. Consumers seek products they have grown to love with tweaks or alterations that align them with popular crazes of today. Companies that are able to alter a product to meet today's growing demands without rendering them unrecognizable will generate high levels of success.