The BattleBricks MakerLegoBot is a Fully Functioning Block Printer

 - Oct 19, 2010   Updated: Jul 21 2011
References: battlebricks & gearfuse
It took 2,400 lego blocks and lots of patience to create the BattleBricks MakerLegoBot printer. The printer is a fully functioning 3D piece that is not only composed of lego, but 'prints' in lego as well.

The BattleBricks MakerLegoBot picks up the blocks and moves them to a specified location on a lego 'sheet.' Ultimately, the BattleBricks MakerLegoBot is a kid's creation dream, making playtime easy for children and adults alike.

Implications - While this BattleBricks MarkerLegoBot may not stimulate hand-eye coordination for young children, it definitely makes building those monster and life-size LEGO creations much more convenient. Society seems to be evolving at such a rapid pace that humans no longer need to play on their own -- they now have something to direct them as they build!