From Grim Fairytale Homicides to Angelic Animal-Draped Artistry

 - Jan 8, 2012
From elementary school onwards, those brought up in Western societies are well acclimated with the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale, which is probably why so many artists and companies channel the innocuous girl in their products and creations.

Of course, with so many people trying to capitalize on the appeal of the popular story, various Red Riding Hood incarnations were sure to arise. Some have chosen to age her a few years into a beautiful teenager adorned with the skin of her nemesis, the Big Bad Wolf, in beautiful digital paintings. Others borrow popular elements such as her vibrant red cape to be used haute fashion editorials.

In many ways, the idea of Red Riding Hood just makes for the perfect image. The fiery red she wears contrasts amazingly well with the bland woodlands to produce a visual that genuinely lingers in viewers' minds.