From Arboreal Tropical Villas to Boastful Hollywood Bungalows

 - Oct 16, 2011
The fairy tale feeling that arises with the thought of mansions, palaces and castles are soon to be relived when viewing these mind-blowing mansions.

This gallery gets deep into some of the most spectacular mansions, from celebrity-owned villas to 26 million dollar Malibu homes. While each of these mansions are high-end luxury abodes, they are still unique, ranging from wooden homes to green, eco-friendly castles. Million dollar condos are always a favorite among the A-list celebs, and I'm sure there will be more glorious pads to come.

Many people can't get enough of mind-blowing mansions, so if you love luxury but can't quite afford it, take a look through the gallery for the next best thing.