The SPG Architects Pawling Residence is Fit for Frodo

The SPG Architects Pawling Residence is reminiscent of the beloved Hobbiton village in Tolkein's Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Although not built into the side of a hill, the house is surrounded by greenery and hilly landscape that makes this residence similar to the famous fictional village.

Hobbiton aside, the home was built for a couple from NYC looking for a place to escape the city. Consisting of two stories and sitting on a five acre plot of land, the residence is practical and cozy, allowing this couple to relax during every vacation. The SPG Architects Pawling Residence is a perfect example of feasible architecture with elegant results.

Implications - Many consumers still have the effects of the economic recession looming over their heads, and are reluctant to make lavish purchases. Businesses that provide practical and non-opulent products will appeal to this broad consumer base.