- Oct 19, 2013
High ceiling homes, no matter how large or small, give the illusion of spaciousness. These homes vary from narrow compact designs to grand, expansive mansions that stretch far over land. All of these beautiful residences share one intelligent architectural design: sky-high ceilings.

Not only do elevated ceilings make the rooms look larger, they also are a great place for beautiful paintings on your walls or long, extravagant chandeliers and dangling lights. The wall space is the perfect canvas to add your exquisite taste without worrying about children or pets breaking or damaging them. Artwork, photographs and shelves can rest high, showing off your favorite items but keeping them at a safe distance.

Many of these high ceiling homes also have large windows. This adds to how large the house looks because the natural light and view of the outdoors visually stretches out the space.

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