The Oslob House by Erazo Inciong Designs has a Breathtaking View

The Oslob House by Erazo Inciong Designs is a white shoreline mansion. This house is located in Oslob Cebu, Philippines in a rural area that is secluded from city life.

The back of the house is complete with large bay windows that have a full panoramic view of the sea. The modern designs include high ceilings, a canopy that surrounds the living rooms, concrete and stone accents and beautiful wood floors.

This building's structure has an elevator, private parking lot and a suspended walkway that connects the parking to the home. Erazo Inciong Designs focuses on architectural designs, interiors, workplace consulting and structural engineering. A fence and a gate surround the entire site, and this gorgeous home is perfect for a private getaway.