Miniature Photography of Gulliver Sized Objects

 - Jul 13, 2008
References: cynthiagreig
I am loving the work of photographer Cynthia Greig who has a fascination with 'Liliput Land' from Gulliver's travels.

Convinced these objects imply the existence of an alternate universe she has produced and photographed a series of Gulliver sized objects.

Lets cut to the chase and let Cynthia describe for herself, "I am fascinated by the fact that almost anything from sunglasses and cameras to hypodermic needles and condoms can be found in miniature. I'm equally intrigued by the desire to collect such tiny replicas of objects from our own material world. As a smaller scale surrogate of the original, the miniature seems to imply the existence of some kind of alternative universe where we (as larger bodies) act like gods, omnipotent and in control."

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