TinyBuilding Mini Sculptures

 - Sep 18, 2008
References: blog.tinybuildings & inventorspot
Business cards, packaging materials and other forms of paper are what Sharon Mount uses to create her tiny replicas of structures--what she calls TinyBuilding.

Designing tiny buildings started out to be a hobby of Sharon’s husband, James. The small replicas were intended to be Christmas ornaments but later on, it became part of their lives as they began to collect business cards and different sorts of papers from all the places they had gone to.

When Sharon’s husband passed away, she continued collecting business cards and making tiny buildings. She says in her blog, "As I sit down to make a TinyBuilding, I feel a delicious sense of opportunity and inevitability. There are so many possibilities, but just one perfect TinyBuilding waiting in the colors, letters and proportions of the card. The challenge is to cut and fold and paste and form the flat cardstock into a three-dimensional replica of four-dimensional memory – of an occurrence, an event, a good time and place and people."