In Honor of the Classic Film Being Re-Released in 3D

 - Apr 6, 2012
Fifteen years after James Cameron's mega blockbuster told the tale of an ocean liner that tragically sunk in 1912, several terrific Titanic tributes may have kept the films popularity alive enough to prompt the re-release of the classic film in 3-D.

Propelling the careers of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet into super-stardom, earning James Cameron a fistful of Oscars and prompting Celine Dion to pen 'My Heart Will Go On' were only a few of the accomplishments of the blockbuster smash.

The film revived the fascination with the tragic Ocean Liner disaster for a generation that was around to remember it and introduced it to a group of Leo-crazed teenaged girls ready to cry their eyes out in a public theater.

Love it or hate, mock it or immortalize it, the film was an undeniably massive success and clothing, exhibits and internet memes are but a few of the terrific Titanic tributes that have paid homage to both the film, and the disaster, for the past