This Rider Sandals Campaign Communicates Flip-Flop Versatility

 - May 30, 2011
References: facebook & adsoftheworld
Though the prints created for this Rider Sandals campaign are somewhat perplexing, it seems that the word "unpredictable" is key to deciphering the company's message.

Three separate ads each feature a single black thong in the foreground with a comic style animation amidst a colored background. The red print depicts a scene in which a walking dog is startled by a lamppost urinating in his direction. The orange ad features a preying cat suddenly bound within the bars of a birdcage. Finally, the blue print portrays the voyage of what appears to be the Titanic, except this time, the ship sinks the impacted iceberg.

On the whole, the Rider Sandals campaign by the Africa advertising agency describes unexpected scenarios in which some imagination and flexibility would be assets. Perhaps these are two qualities the brand feels that one possesses if he wears flip-flops out of the house.