- Feb 3, 2011   Updated: May 16 2011
When people hear the word "gold," they often think of luxury Midas touch items. This amazing and shiny top list brings you some of the best golden innovations.

From glamorous gilded editorials to sleek slithering timepieces, there is definitely something here you will love! These Midas touch wonders deserve to be shared!

Implications - King Midas would be proud to see that every brand is trying to sneak in a bit of gold into their products. The glamor and glimmering essence of this element has always been attractive to those looking to flaunt their social status. With most people's attitude of wanting to be rich, you can be sure that brands will try to incorporate expensive material to attract consumers who want to show off their high-end lifestyle.

From Midas Touch Mobiles to Golden Spiked Jewelry: