The Golden Zeppelini by Jon Sarriugarte is an Amazing Work of Art

 - Sep 22, 2010   Updated: Jul 14 2011
References: & formandreform
Jon Sarriugarte of the 'Form and Reform' workshop created an amazing wheelchair-based zeppelin named 'The Golden Zeppelini.' Jon did research on the original German airship, and then discovered this rare vehicle.

Jon’s zeppelin consists of spare parts and programmers, a wheelchair and batteries. After spending a lot of time and paying detailed attention on the construction of the zeppelin, Jon resulted with this amazing work of art on the wheels.

Implications - After watching the video, it's still hard to imagine that this creation was built by a lone man. the 'Golden Zeppelini is not only a technological masterpiece, but it is intriguing for the simple fact that it was created with FUN in mind. In a world increasingly characterized by economic and environmental destruction, creations like the 'Golden Zeppelini' are what keep some of us sane.