- Dec 9, 2011
Nail art is one of fashion's hottest new accessories. From jeweled nails to couture claws, magnificent manicures are a quirky and stylish form of self-expression. From festive holiday designs to bacon-inspired creations, these glamorous, humorous and bizarre hand accessories are sure to get you noticed.

Celebs like Lindsey Lohan are taking nail art to another level, sporting offensive message cuticles while others like pop-star Rihanna pay tribute to revolutionary political figures. Even teen heart-throbs like Justin Bieber are getting in on the action with custom nail collections sure to set any fan's heart aflutter.

Whether their inspiration comes from popular culture, art, the holidays, social media or corporate branding, these magnificent manicures leave room for an endless array of nail art possibilities. Whether one's goal is to achieve impeccable glamour or just plain old attention, these crafty and artful fingernail creations will leave everyone in awe of your hands.

This Amazing Nail Art is Sure to Turns Heads: