Eccentric Nail Art Creations by Sam Biddle

 - Mar 18, 2009
References: sambiddle
Take a look at these amazing creations by renowned UK-based fingernail artist, Sam Biddle.

Ms. Biddle is an international judge and competition winner, and in 2008 was finalist for nail professional of the year. Having been featured on the BBC, ITV and in the national press, Sam hopes to bring colour and help technicians find inspiration to express their creativity, which helps develop their careers by utilizing new skills.

Now with her own company, Be Inspired, Sam brings a series of tools to help technicians develop and move forward within their craft. Sam has designed specialized and advanced workshops and DVDs to support nail technicians. The aim of ‘be inspired’ is to show that anything is possible, giving you the tools to realize your dreams and ambitions. 

Outside the industry Sam continues to wow people with her creations, giving them an example of just how far you can take the art of nails. 

Although most of these fantastical pieces of art are not for the average customer, it goes a long way to inspire them to try and bring a little colour into their lives, and shows them that anything is possible. 

Sam’s method is to show everyone that, through the power of our own inner creativity, and from the inspiration we see all around, we can have the power to achieve the unimaginable.

Sam Biddle’s fantasy nail art creations in the Gallery include:

1. Fantasy Fireworks - Yes, fiber optics were used within the nails to get the pin pricks of light (and look fabulous too!)

2. Licorice All Sorts - Sam’s signature nails that she’s renowned for in the industry.

3. Red Hot Nail on Fire - Clashing colours are very in at the moment, so combining these tones with neon pink gives it a very modern look.

4. Red Roses - This could be a real treat for yourself, or your loved one, on Valentine’s Day!

5. Painted Fingers - Love all the bright colours on nails at the moment!

6. Pink Ping Pong Nails - This would look great with Fernanda Pereira’s Ping Pong scarf.

7. Spring Flowers - These look better than the real thing, and amazingly delicate!

8. Santa and Elf’s - perfect for Christmas!

9. A peacock as nail art

10. Pink ribbons - Using acrylics as a medium, nails can be used to raise awareness for Breast Cancer

So, ditch the modern, Gothic, all-black nails (I think we’ve seen enough already!), and find yourself some brightly colored nail art now!